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Test Our Beer

Please Read This Part

Yes The Beer Is Free

This is craft beer, which is normally different to domestic mass produced beer. Our beer is made by hand and with no additives, coloring or anything else to enhance it’s taste, make it clear or last longer! It will likely have stronger tastes and maybe some new ones for you too.


What’s the cost? Free! Just Give Us Your Impressions That’s All We Ask


When Can I Get It? We Will Tell You When You Are In The Que


How Will It Arrive? Via Yodel, Providing It Does! We make no guarantees because neither do they when it comes to beer!


Has Anyone Else Tasted Your Beer? Yes, And They Are All Still Alive! Most Of Them Really Liked It. So Choose Something You Think You Might Like.


Some tips – Don’t leave it until 2 years and tell us it didn’t taste so good. Don’t leave it in sunlight, don’t leave it in the garage during the summer, try to store it in a co Save & Exit cool dark place if you intend to store it. Yes, it’s good to taste right away, just as soon as you rip that package open!


If we are overwhelmed with orders then it goes without saying (as it is free) we may cut this offer off! We can’t brew beer without a roof over our heads and still need to eat!

Order A Maximum Qty of 12 Beers. You Will Receive Between 8-12. Select Wise Grasshopper! The Cost? As We Said Above… Free!

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