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Today Airborne Ales is proud to announce Its participation in the Company Of Heroes 2 map making contest as a sponsor. Company of Heroes is one of the highest rated strategy games of all time and is played by a global following. Airborne Ales felt it a great opportunity and and thought it would be a great fit to be involved in the project. From March 21 to May 23 players will have the opportunity to create maps for the game developed by Relic Entertainment who will judge the maps and announce the winners.

Artwork by Le Wish – above &  Strummingbird – below


COH2.ORG Announcement

“Calling all mapmakers! Do you think your map has what it takes? Now is the time to show us what your map is made of! COH2.ORG is proud to announce the very first map making contest for Company of Heroes 2. Prizes are yours if you can design a new map that will capture both the hearts and minds of the community. Give your maps that lonely, brutal feeling that the Eastern front inspires. We want atmosphere!”

“Another warm thanks goes out to Airborne Ales. This recently founded craft beer company shares interests when it comes down to WW2 and beer so we decided to team up! Airborne Ales was kind enough to give us $200 and Airborne Ales T-Shirts! Also check out the Airborne Ales Facebook page. Airborne Ales… Beer for the Brave!”