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We’d like to congratulate all those that took part in the COH2.ORG map making contest and their efforts for extending COH2 map library (and hopefully see those maps in a future game patch). The winners for each category 1v1, 2v2 and 3v4/4v4 maps will receive an Airborne Ales T-Shirt (as well as some of the prize money we donated for the competition). Airborne Ales is committed to enhancing peoples lives in as many ways as we can, including military charities with our profits.Our T’s are due to arrive this week. So we’ll show them off to you and also provide an opportunity for you to get a great looking t-shirt. Once again, congrats to the map making winners and stand by for more news coming soon…..Here is a link to the whole article from the team at COH2.ORG