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Airborne Ales
Beer For The Brave ®


Airborne Ales – Bringing You Craft Beer And
Craft Ale Made From All Natural Grain
And Organic Ingredients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to train, employ and invest in ex-military personnel, while donating the majority of our profits other than operating costs to military charities.

Our Craft Beer Philosophy

Our Beers

We have “sampled” over 600 different craft beers from all over the world, and we have kept a record to prove it! So we’d like to think we know what a good craft beer tastes like. Our craft beers are brewed with this knowledge in mind to bring you the very best that we can. Using natural all grain recipes, no additives, hand crafted, nurtured and lovingly brought to you. One of us previously served in the military for 23 years and so we also understand the commitment, dedication and professionalism that goes along with that. We put all of this into every beer we make for you… You can check out some of our Craft Beer Here

Meet The Team



Co - Owner

Born and raised in Wales, Al joined the Army at 17 and spent the next 23 years serving his country. He spent most of his career in the Airborne Forces which is why this dream exists, to honor those who have served to keep our freedom!



Co - Owner

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon (Beervana). Patricia keeps the ship stable and on course with her amazingly organized skills. She loves beer, watching rugby and mountain biking! She takes care of remembering all the intricate things by making notes on every thing we do. So we can make the same great tasting beer every time!

What People Are Saying

Al and Patrica know their beer, and if anyone can brew a good beer it would be these two based on their experience here with us in the Pacific North West. They helped me to move beyond my old-school beer tastes and venture into a new world of Craft Beer Nirvana!

Jack P

The “Drop Zone Pale Ale” was a great tasting English pale ale (to my taste) but I liked the slightly darker aftertaste compared to the usual ales of this type. Really nice Craft Beer.

Marc B

The Fallschirmjager Lager-Hybrid reminded me of drinking in Frieburg – they have a local and very old brewery there and produce a wheat beer that is bolder and less citrusy than most types. Yours reminded me of that.

Gary D